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Eugene Dunnam

Eugene DunnamProfessor Emeritus

PhD Louisiana State University (1958)

Research Group

Condensed Matter Physics/Nuclear Physics

Research Interest

Research interests include nuclear spectroscopy, particularly nuclear reactions of astrophysical interest. Recently this has led to investigations of improved detectors/spectrographs for energetic charged particles in the energy range 1-15 MeV and atomic mass 4 and higher. In collaboration with Professor Luis Muga (Chemistry Department) a cosmic ray ‘particle identifier’ which will simultaneously measure the mass, kinetic energy and charge state is under development.

Physics pedagogy. The need for improved training of public-school science teachers, particularly in physics is being addressed through development of new courses and curricula. In collaboration with Professor Selman Hershfield and other colleagues a new Bachelor of Arts degree program in physics is now in place at UF.

Selected Publications

Dunnam FE, Haskins PS, et. al., “In-Beam Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy of 82Sr,” Phys. Rev. C32 1897 (1985).

Dunnam FE, Coldwell RL, et. al., “Interactions of Multi-MeV Gamma-Rays with Matter.” Proceedings of the Conference on the High Energy Radiation Background in Space, AIP Conf. Proc. 186, 125 (1989).

Dunnam FE, Rester AC, et. al., “Gamma-Ray Observation on Supernova 1987A from Antarctica.” Ap. .J. Letters 342, L 71 (1989).

Dunnam FE, Muga ML, et. al. “LEHIFI: a Low Energy Heavy Ion Fragment Identifier,” Bull. Am. Phys. Soc. 35, 1796(1990).

Dunnam FE and Hershfield S. “BA Curriculum in Physics” FL Higher Ed. Consortium Conf. (1999).

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Condensed Matter Sciences

Office: 2364 NPB

Lab: B-32 NPB