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Robert Coldwell

Robert ColdwellAssociate Scientist

PhD University of Washington (1969)

Research Group

Condensed Matter Experiment

Research Interest

Research interests include Computational Physics in particular data analysis for which he wrote the “working guts” of the spectral analysis code RobWin. Dr. Coldwell is also working on Variational Monte-Carlo.

Select Publications

Coldwell RL. “Robust fitting of spectra to splines with variable knots”, CP475, Applications of Accelerators in Research and Industry, ed by Duggan JL and Morgan IL, 1999

Alexander SA and Coldwell RL. “Relativistic calculations using Monte Carlo Methods: One-electron systems”, Phys. Rev E 60, 3374 (1999)

Alexander SA and Coldwell RL. “Atomic Calculations Using Variational Monte-Carlo”, Recent Advances in Quantum Monte Carlo Methods edited by Lester WA, World Scientific Publishing Co, Singapore. pp 39-64 (1997)

Coldwell RL and Bamford GJ. The Theory and Operation of Spectral Analysis Using ROBFIT (AIP, New York, 1991).

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Office: 2275 NPB