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Class Diary for Fall 2018

Aug. 22 (W) L01: Introduction, syllabus, grading. Course review. Reading material: 8.1-8.3 note1
Aug. 24 (F) L02:Two-body central force problems. Reduced mass. The equations of motion. CM reference frame. Reading material: Ch. 8.3-8.5 note2
Aug. 27 (M) L03: CM reference frame. Two equations of motion and equivalent 1D problem. Effective potential energy. Conservation of energy. Example 8.1. Reading material: Ch. 8.5-8.8 note3
Aug. 29 (W) L04: Conservation of energy. Kepler bounded/unbounded orbits. Reading material: Ch. 9.1,9.2 HW01. note4
Aug. 31 (F) L05: Third Law. Orbit parameters. Stable and closed orbits. Reading material: Ch. 9.1,9.2 quiz,
Sep.   3 (M) no class, Labor day
Sep.   5 (W) L06: Non-inertial frames, Example 9.1. Tides, tidal force. Reading material: Ch. 9.3-9.6. quiz, note6
Sep.   7 (F) L07: Magnitude of tides. Spring and neap tides. Rotating frames, angular velocity. Reading material: Ch. 9.7-9.8. HW01 is due, HW02. note7
Sep. 10 (M) L08: Newton's second law in rotating frame. Centrifugal force. Coriolis force. Reading material: Chapter 9.8-9.9 note8
Sep. 12 (W) L09: Coriolis force, Foucault pendulum. Reading material: Chapter 10: 10.1,10.2 quiz, note9
Sep. 14 (F) L10: Rotation of a rigid body: CM, Angular Momentum, Products of Inertia. Reading material: Ch. 10.3-10.4 HW02 is due, HW03 note10
Sep. 17 (M) L11: Matrix algebra, Inertia Tensor. Example 10.2. Reading material: Ch 10.4-10.5 note11
Sep. 19 (W) L12: Principal Axis/Moments, egenvalue equation, Example 10.4. Reading material: Ch 10.6-10.8 note12
Sep. 21 (F) In-class EXAM 1, Ch.8-10 EXAM
Sep. 24 (M) L13: Motion of a spinning top, Precession. Euler's equations Reading material: Chapter 11: Ch 11.1-11.2 HW03 is due, HW04. note13
Sep. 26 (W) L14: Euler's equations, free preecession. Eiler's angles, Lagrangian approach. Reading material: Chapter 11: Ch 11.1-11.3 note14
Sep. 28 (F) L15: Coupled oscillators, Normal frequenciues, modes, coordinates. Weakly Coupled Oscillators, Reading material: Ch. 11.4 note15
Oct.   1 (M) L16: Weakly Coupled Oscillators. Lagrangian Approach. 2 maases + 3 springs. Double pendulum. Reading material: Ch. 11.5-11.6 quiz note16
Oct.   3 (W) L17: General Case. Tripple coupled Pendulums. Reading material: Ch 13.1,13.2 HW05. note17
Oct.   5 (F) L18: Hamiltonian mechanics, configuration space, state space, Hamiltonian, 1D case, Example 13.1 Reading material: Ch 13.3,13.4 HW04 is due, note18
Oct.   8 (M) L19: Hamilton's equations in severl dimensions. Conservation of energy. Example 13.3 (central force problem), Ignorable coordinates. Reading material: Ch. 13.5,13.6 note19
Oct. 10 (W) L20: Lagrange vs Hamilton. Canonical transformations. Pjhase space orbits. Reading material: Ch. 13.7 note20
Oct. 12 (F) L21: The Divergence and Liouville's Theorems. Proof of Divergence Theorem note21
Oct. 15 (M) L22: Poisson Brackets. Reading material: Ch. 14.1-14.2 HW05 is due, HW06. note22
Oct. 17 (W) L23: Collision Theory. Scattering, Cross Section. Reading material: Ch. 14.3-14.5 note23
Oct. 19 (F) L24: Scattering processes and targets, mean free path, total / differential cross-section . Reading material: Ch. 14.6-14.8 note24
Oct. 22 (M) In-class EXAM 2, Ch.11-13 EXAM
Oct. 24 (W) L25: Review of the exam2. Differential cross-section, Rutherford Scattering, Center of mass and Lab frames Reading material: Ch. 15.1-15.2 quiz note25
Oct. 26 (F) L26: Rutherford Scattering, Center of mass and Lab frames Reading material. Relativity. Reading material: Ch. 15.3-15.4 HW06 is due, note26
Oct. 29 (M) L27: Postulates of SR, relativity of time, time dilation Reading material: Ch. 15.5-15.6 HW07. note27
Oct. 31 (W) L28: Length contraction, Lorentz Transformation. Reading material: Ch. 15.7--15.8 noite28
Nov.   2 (F) no class, Homecoming
Nov.   5 (M) L29: Twins paradox, Relativistic snake, addition of relativistic velocities. Four dimensional space Reading material: Ch. 15.9-15.11 quiz note29
Nov.   7 (W) L30: Four vectors, Rotation in 4D-space, The invariant scalar product, Light cone, Doppler effect, Reading material: Ch. 15.12-15.14 HW07 is due, HW08. note30
Nov.   9 (F) L31: mass,4-velocity, 4--momentum, energy, Collisions Ch. 15.14,15.16 note31
Nov. 12 (M) no class, Veterans day
Nov. 14 (W) L32: Collisions. Continuum Nechanics: Reading material: Ch. 16.1-16.2
Nov. 16 (F) L33: 1D wave equation. Evolution of a triangular wave, Boundary conditions. Normal modes. Reading material: Ch. 16.3-16.5 HW08 is due, HW09. note33
Nov. 19 (M) L34: 3D wave equation. Plane waves, Spherical waves, Reading material: Ch. 16.6-16.7 note34
Nov. 21-23 no class, Thanksgiving
Nov. 26 (M) L35: The stress & starin tensors Reading material: Ch. 16.8-16.9
Nov. 28 (W) L36: Strain tensor for solids, Hooks law. Reading material: Ch. 16
Nov. 30 (F) L37: Review session for the third exam: HW09 is due,
Dec. 3 (M) In-class Exam 3 EXAM
Dec. 5 (W) no class
Dec. 10 (M) 3:00-5.00pm, NPB 1011, Course Review.